Automated warehousing

to ensure immediate availability


Customer care has always been a priority for the Vender Group.

With our constant investment over time and the immediate availability of a full range of products, we are able to provide our customers with excellent service.

Each of our centres operates a production system based on "just in time", ready, that is, to ensure the availability of the products in the quantities needed and at the required time.

To achieve this, the Group rely on its automated warehouse in Parma.

The packing machinery ensures optimal protection of the products, avoiding any possible damage during loading/unloading operations and transport.

A bar code applied to the shipped goods guarantees continuos monitoring.

Today, technological investments alone is not enough to achieve market leadership as the success of a modern enterprise depends largely on the people who make up that business.

Our Group is a dynamic company, employing qualified and committed staff at all levels to meet customers' growing expectations.

The strategic location of the warehouses and Group Vender plants offer a network for immediate availability to meet every requirement with maximum professionalism.