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Vender Group is a leader both in italy and in Europe in transformation and distribution of stainless steel has decided to dedicate a division to the study of new solutions and respond to requests for finishes and processes that satisfy various requests in aesthetic terms.

Vender Lab

Research and development for a constantly evolving range

A team of experts made up of stainless steel specialists is always available to help customers from both the industrial and design worlds in selecting the best solution from those already available or in the creation of new products studied and designed to measure.

Thanks to constant research and development, several products are already present on the market wich due to their aesthetic quality and production techniques, represent something unique in the stainless steel scenario.

The excellence between aesthetic and functionality

Widex is the Vender Group’s innovative automated line for polishing coils and sheets. The new machine, the result
of the work of our research and development department,
has been designed to create a shiny mirror finish on sheet metal up to 12 mm thick and an exceptional width of 2 meters,
6 mm thick in coils.

Dimensions allowing significant reduction in welding when
constructing large-scale pieces and significant decrease in processing time to achieve a shiny finish different from the old mechanical polish where the reflectance is very high obtained without the use of abrasive paste.

The Widex range can be used in a large number of applications and is today present on the market with two brands dedicated to the specific needs of each sector:

Widex industrial is particularly suitable for products for industrial use while Widex Design is the best choice for those applications where the aesthetic appearance and mirrored finish are most required

Vender Lab

Special Finishes Range

Trace is the range of surface finishes that the Vender Group has developed for the building and interior design sector with the aim of putting finishes with a strong visual impact on the market, significantly reducing production time and wasted resources.
Trace range includes two Non directional finishes D1F and D4F

obtained by mechanical machining that uses a processing system with brushes on orbital axes to allow the creation of repeatable, constant and customizable textures. The two Non directional finishes D1F and D4F are particularly suitable for decorative coatings.

Thanks to the possibility of customizing in relief or for large surfaces in wich they provide an ever-changing play of light, they are repeatable and constant finishes for the production of large batches.

D1F - Scotch brite + Grain 60
• D1F - it is possible to customize the embossed finish with different grains. We chose 60 grit to highlight the contrast with the background brushig..

• Thickness: from 0,5 to 8 mm
• Width: from 500 to 2000 mm
• Length: from 500 to 8000 mm
D4F- Fixed Finish
• D4F - to date the customer produces it manually with great waste of time and resources..

• Thickness: from 0,5 to 8 mm.
• Width: from 500 to 1700mm.
• Length: from 500 to 8000 mm.

Processing only on sheet.
Finitura Cross
•The Cross finish is a recently developed product which stands out for its high aesthetic value by virtue of the elegant balance between the geometry of the signs and the variety of light effects obtainable..

Finitura Cross - RANGE
• Thickness: from 1 to 8 mm.
• Width: from 1 to 8 mm.
• Length: max 2000 mm.

Processing only on sheet
• Possible choice of different grits.
•The Hairline finish is the ideal product for those looking for a finish with high aesthetic quality to offer planners and designers a high -quality finish as an alternative to traditional Scotch brite..

Hairline - RANGE
• In coil up to 3 x 1500 mm
• In sheet from 0,8 to 4 mm thickness
• Width: up to 2000 mm
• Length: from 500 to 8000 mm
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D1F - Scotch brite + Grana 60
• D1F - è possibile personalizzare la finitura in rilievo con grane diverse. Noi abbiamo scelto una grana 60 per rendere evidente il contrasto con la spazzolatura di fondo.

• Spessore: da 0,5 a 8 mm.
• Larghezza: da 500 a 2000 mm.
• Lunghezza: da 500 a 8000 mm.

D4F- Finitura Fissa
• D4F - Ad oggi il cliente la produce manualmente con grande dispersione di tempo e risorse. Come per la D1F grazie al nostro impianto è possibile ricevere grandi quantità con la stessa finitura e resa finale.

• Spessore: da 0,5 a 8 mm.
• Larghezza: da 500 a 1700 mm.
• Lunghezza: da 500 a 8000 mm.

Lavorazione solo in lamiera
Finitura Cross
• La finitura Cross è un prodotto di recente sviluppo che si distingue per l’alto valore estetico in vertù dell’elegante equilibrio tra la geometria dei segni e la varietà di effetti di luce ottenibili.

Finitura Cross - GAMMA
• Spessore: da 1 a 8 mm.
• Larghezza: max a 2000 mm.
• Lunghezza: max a 2000 mm.

Lavorazione solo in lamiera
• Possibile scelta di grane diverse.
• Hairline è il prodotto ideale per chi è alla ricerca di una finitura dall’elevata qualità estetica per offrire a progettisti e designer una finitura di pregio alternativa allo scotch brite tradizionale.

Hairline - GAMMA
• In coil fino: a 3 spessore.
• In coil fino: a 1500 spessore.
• In lamiera spessore: 0,8 fino a 8 mm.
• Larghezza: fino a 2000 mm.
• Lunghezza: da 500 a 8000 mm.

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In addition to the finishes already available, the new research and development department is able to produce new textures designed based on customer needs.

Write to [email protected] to be contacted by one of our experts.

Together we give shape to your ideas.